Sunday, April 04, 2010

My case for Brittney Griner as an NBA player

(Full disclosure #1. I graduated from Baylor.
Full disclosure #2. I don't follow women's college basketball.
Full disclosure #3. I don't follow men's college basketball.)

But I DO follow the NBA pretty heavily (at least until Lebron becomes a Knick) and so I offer the following as a thought experiment: Could Brittney Griner play in the NBA?

A couple months ago NBA commissioner David Stern said that within 10 years a woman could play in the NBA and a lot of people laughed at him. Or at least looked at him cock-eyed, myself included. But now that's all changed with Brittney Griner. Once simply a youtube sensation as "the girl that dunks," Griner is now a 6-8 force who crushed the NCAA Women's tourney record for blocks, and is now simply padding that record.

Jason Whitlock had a surprisingly (for him) good article on Griner giving anecdotal evidence of her strength and toughness, always the first two knocks against the potential for a female athlete playing in a professional male-dominated sports league.

But lest you think this is simply a high-minded, liberal agenda, affirmative action oriented gesture toward equality, let me remind you of a few things.

The NBA currently features,
  • a 6-6 starting center (Houston's Chuck Hayes) who is effective,
  • a #2 overall draft pick who was demoted to the development league (for those who don't know what that is, think a step below the Harlem Globetrotters),
  • the #5 pick of the 2009 averaging 6.5 points a game and shooting 36%
  • Darko Milicic pulling down 35+ minutes a night,
  • the team with the best record drafting a foreign player who's currently averaging about 4 points a game.
  • Rasheed Wallace.

You're telling me that these drecks can garner NBA contracts but a 6-8 athletic beast who can block shots couldn't become at the very least an effective bench player (Brittney Griner for the 6th Man Award?)? Why wouldn't a forward thinking team drop a late draft pick on Griner and let her try her hand in the D-league?

Oh by the way, Griner is only 19 and didn't even start playing basketball until 5 years ago.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

I'm having trouble picturing these people

The following picture is from the Barnes and Noble page for comedian Sarah Silverman's new book, The Bedwetter, which drops on April 20 of this year.

I'm having a real hard time picturing the person who would read both Sarah Silverman and any one of these other selections. I wasn't aware there was a ton of Silverman-O'Reilly crossover.