Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Top 5 Songs I Already Can't Believe I Left Out of My Top 25 Songs

See, I told you this was hard. After rereading the previous post and listening to some of 2009's best again, I simply can't leave out the following songs. I don't care where you insert them, but just put them in there somewhere (see, this is why we need a playoff system!). I seriously would not have been able to sleep tonight if I didn't throw these five songs out there.

Shall we say, Top 30? And I am making absolutely no promises this won't get stretched into, say, a top 35.

1. "Wavin' Flag," K'Naan

2. "Charlie Darwin," The Low Anthem

3. "You, Sailor," Erin McKeown

4. "The Walls Are Coming Down," Fanfarlo

5. "Blood Oranges," Foreign Born

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