Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Listomania! (Coming Soon)

Just when you had assumed the death of DMS after not posting for a month, December rolls around. It's certainly the most magical time of the year: the time of year when we're inundated with a barrage of "Best of ..." lists. But this December ups the ante: it's the last year of the 00's. And yes, we know, it's technically not the end of the decade, just like 1999 wasn't the last year of the 20th century, 2000 was (DAMN YOU, GREGORIAN CALENDAR!!!) but that's not stopping us or any other media outlet from creating semi-ridiculous lists that rank Things of the Decade.

But before we get to the decadal stuff, we need to clear up some stuff about this year, 2009 first. Which we'll start doing in the next couple days. In the mean time, feel free to look over previous awesome lists we compiled in previous years. And feel free to let us know of anything you'd like us to rank. We'll rank pretty much whatever you want. We might even rank some things in groups that aren't divisible by 5 (ZOMG! A TOP 14?? BLASPHEMY!).

Things we'll definitely be ranking this year:
People who helped us stay sane
Kids shows/movies that won't drive parents crazy

Anything else that you need our expert help in determining which thing is better than some other thing?

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