Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Who Says We're a Divided Country?

dearOne thing we all agree on: the Cleveland Indians suck at trading.

It's a bit unusual of us to go two posts in a row displaying statistically shoddy Internets polls, but at 87% to 13%, that's like Obama-in-Jasper, TX bad.

For the second straight year, the Indians traded away their best player, and reigning Cy Young winner because A) they suck, and B) they knew they couldn't pay them once they became free agents. We are THIS close to renouncing baseball it's pathetic.

What makes this especially bullshitty is that the Indians once again received no elite prospects. They basically just traded filet mignon for grade B beef. You know what grade B beef is good for??? MEATLOAF AND CARNE GUISADA THAT'S WHAT!!!!!

We've seen this Indians franchise torn down and rebuilt so many times in the past 10 years we can't even keep track. At least the Cavs have been on the same, disappointingly disappointing trajectory. At least the Browns suck every damn year! There's absolutely no expectations for the Browns. It's nice. But with the Indians, they go and build themselves up, set their sights on the playoffs and then BLAMMO!!! They suck indefensibly and it's time to blow the whole fucking thing up and start the whole fucking thing over.

WHAT'S THAT YOU SAY, TRAVIS HAFNER, HIGHEST PAID PLAYER ON THE INDIANS? YOUR BACK HURTS?? Well mine does too! Get out there, take some HGH and hit us a few dingers! You're the one player that we decided to throw large sums of money at and now we can't pay our actually good players!

Ugh. When does football season start? Ugh. Scratch that, when does basketball season start?

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