Friday, July 24, 2009

MP3 of the Week: "America's Most Trusted Newscaster" Edition

And now to the poll results.

OK so it's an online poll and only 9409 people responded.

Still, I think this says as much about the major three newscasters than it does about Jon Stewart. Or maybe it tells us something about where the Internets Generation gets their news. Or maybe it tells us that Iowa just loves Katie Couric (hilariously, Couric got 0% in Alaska. Wonder why that could be?).


Up until a few weeks ago Fanfarlo was offering their new album Resevoir for $1. Easily the best album deal of the year. You can still get it for $5.99 from iTunes (the download is not on Amazon yet). But that is a 600% price hike.

It's an extremely "nice" album. And we really mean that in a good way. It's just accessable enough to make it enjoyable on a first listen, yet just adventurous enough to keep you around for several more listens.

Fanfarlo - "The Walls Are Coming Down"

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