Thursday, July 09, 2009

Facebook Killed the Blogging Star?

Now that Facebook and Twitter have become requirements for living, has poor Blogger gone the way of the dodo? Or just Dear Mr. Supercomputer?

It's almost as if blogs are becoming obsolete even faster than the blogs (and Craigslist) helped kill newspapers.

Recently as NBA free agency started, we were all excited because the Cavs were looking at getting Charlie Villanueva. And when CV tweeted that he was thankful for all the kind words from Cavs fans, it became clear that we no longer had much need for newspapers, blogs, or any other news-filter. It came straight from the source (side note: CV ended up signing with the Pistons. That dick.).

Right now, our Twitter feed isn't comprised of friends and DMS well-wishers. It's media people and athletes. And weather updates. And Rotten Tomatoes. Twitter and Facebook have become an all-encompassing news-tainment-feed. So why would a person want to go to this totally separate Blogger website? Unless you have a bizarre set of interests involving Cleveland sports, Colorado weather, and swearing, why would you actually visit this site, like, on a regular basis?

I'll tell you why: because we are so fucking funny. Hardy-freaking-har.

We're going to redouble (read: quadruple) our efforts to be awesome. Yes, you might not want to sit through a diatribe of why Romeo Crennel should not have been fired. But we hope to make you laugh while doing it. How?

Hmmm.... hypnotic embeded video?

Hilarious pictures?

Or just spectacularly awesome writing?

Yes. And please.

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Jaime said...

Keep em coming...I still get a good laugh