Friday, June 26, 2009

MP3 of the Week: "Do Not Listen While Driving" Edition

Anyone that's been following the Official Dear Mr. Supercomputer Twitter feed knows a couple things:

1) I am an incredible asshole.

2) The new Best Album of the Year of the Month is Dan Deacon's Bromst.

We purchased it for $5 from on a lark in preparation for a huge car trip to Santa Fe. We made ourselves three albums of new music and purchased Bromst and Fanfarlo's album for $1.

Before we zipped off to Santa Fe, we had to drive down to Denver to pick up Mrs. Supercomputer who was at some training. So we had an hour in the car by ourselves. We popped in Bromst and about 30 minutes into it, nearly ran off the road. Seriously, we were going nuts.

This is totally DMS music - right in our wheelhouse. ADHD-inspired. Crescendo techno. It's some mix of Spiritualized, Sigur Ros, and The Octopus Project. We are suckers for that shit. We certainly understand if few others enjoy the album as much as we do, but try pumping the volume to "MAX," shift on to the highway, and try not to swerve into oncoming traffic.


Dan Deacon - "Of the Mountains"

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