Friday, May 22, 2009

MP3 of the Week: "What If We Don't Win?" Edition


Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Shit. Fucking shit fuck.

Holy mother of fuck.

Normally we'd write off the collective cliff-jumping that Cavs fans are currently undertaking as typical woe-is-us Cleveland mentality. We mean, give us a break, right? It was just one game? Right? And in a seven game series the first game is usually the least important. Right??? Please tell us we're right.

For some reason, last night's defeat was more defeating that most defeats. Maybe there's a little Chicken Little groupthink going on, but Cavs fans are fucking terrified right now.

What's truly fucking scary is that there were a few scant Cavs bloggers who before the series were warning that this Orlando matchup was the worst possible matchup for the Cavs. And in great detail, they described just how this Magic team was such a bad matchup: their tall guards would stunt the effectiveness of the Cavs undersized backcourt and the Cavs have no defensive player capable of stopping Dwight Howard. And all that Cleveland defensive rotation would give Orlando the impetus to shoot threes, which is something, oh by the fucking way, they are fucking good at.


Fucking fuck.

That's exactly what happened. The voices were few suggesting this was a road map to Orlando victory, but it was eerie how accurate these descriptions of the Cavs' demise were. The Cavs' guards were terrible. So bad, I'm thinking of not wearing my Mo Williams shirt for the rest of the series. And the Cavs centers looked like they were playing in slow motion against Howard (you have to admit, Zdrrunas and Varajao look impressed in that photo above), who didn't miss any shots. At least none that I remember. And after starting off cold, the Magic's three point shooting began to slice into the Cavs lead. By the end there were four Cavs players standing around hoping that Lebron did something wonderful.

Fantastic. We're exactly where we were two years ago.

We had totally bought in to this team. This was the team that would do it. They were likable, professional, fun, and included the best player in the world. We're totally not emotionally prepared for a letdown. We've already drank the Kool-Aid. Throwing it up is the only way to get it out of our system.

We'll see tomorrow how this Cavs team responds. It may be just the sky-is-falling brainwashing that we've all grown to hate about rooting for Cleveland, but last night's loss didn't just feel like a loss. It felt like an instruction manual on how to beat this, until now, unbeatable team.


Metric - "Gimme Sympathy"

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Ashley said...

let's just hope howard doesn't eat mcdonald's again tonight