Saturday, May 16, 2009

MP3 of the Week: "Favorites So Far" Edition

Normally it gets to be about May or June and we think, "Oh crap. We haven't heard a single new album yet this year." And frankly, a lot of time the early-year releases aren't that inspiring. But more likely, it's a function of the fact that A) albums are so damned expensive and B) who the hell has time to go to a record store? Certainly not us. Besides, the record stores in Fort Collins are a fucking joke.

Enter's $5 album deals.

Now we're ready. We're ready to make album compilation lists at the drop of a hat. Check it.

We're not ready to rank any of these albums just yet. But these are our favorites thus far.


Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, vs. Children. Our favorite album lyrically of the year. The sparse constructions of the songs are a perfect match for the characters described.

Metric, Fantasies. Super-catchy. Metric goes glam.

St. Vincent, Actor. This album honestly had a leg up due to our previously divulged affection for St. Vincent. Regardless, this album is superb and might very well end up - ..... oh wait, we said we weren't going to rank anything.

Mirah, (A)spera. It's about time Mirah released another album. C'mon Miracle - one of our favorites - was released five years ago. It does not disappoint.

Phoenix. Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.

Feel free to let us know what we've missed (note: we did not miss the Decemberists. Seriously, kill me with a fork).


Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - "You Were Alone"


Kelly said...

I have not been able to listen to CTFPA yet, but will soon (once back in Austin). Wondered if you would do something for I am always interested in your musical critiques (meaning, please present your critique in song form). =) I bought three day passes to ACL this year and would like it if you would give me a run down of who not to miss, in your opinion (and whatever other comments you might like to share). I assume you are not coming out this year, so I ask you to impart some musical wisdom to my ACL itinerary. Gracias.

Adam said...

How about Animal Collective? I'm enjoying their latest.

gk said...

Actually not crazy about Animal Collective. It's gotten tons of critical praise and far be it from us to poop all over everyone who enjoys it. Just not one of our favorites.

Ashley said...

i think lisztomania is the best song i've heard all year.

Adam said...

Andrew Bird?

Maureen said...

I must say, the last DCFC that you recd, which happens to be an intimate band for us..... kinda sucked... have you listened to the wooden birds??

Maureen said...

Or Magnet???