Friday, February 13, 2009

MP3 of the Week: "Watching NBA Basketball With the Elderly" Edition

Have you ever watched an NBA game with someone over the age of 50?

Ex. Cru. Ti. A. Ting.

(Note: We're assuming the aforementioned 50+ year old doesn't regularly watch NBA games.)

It doesn't matter who's playing, the importance of the game, what time of day it is, or what cycle the moon is currently in: you're guaranteed to hear the following comments:

"Why don't they call traveling anymore?"

"It's no longer a team sport. It's about the individual."

"I don't watch basketball anymore because they're all showboats."

"What's with all the tattoos!"

"Just look at those baggy pants! How do they not trip over them?"

"I hate how they yell after a dunk."

"They dunk too much."

"Why do they have to play so much rap music?"

"You know who knew how to play the game? Bob Cousey."

"No one plays defense anymore."

"The score of the game is too low."

(*after traveling is called*) "Oh I can't believe they called traveling!"

"They don't even try anymore."

"Buncha thugs."

In fact, you're lucky if you can escape a two hour match without hearing anything overtly racist. (Ed. Note: Actually, by the time it gets to this point, it's already probably too late.)

The weird thing is, the same 50+ year old will sit in silence for a three-and-a-half hour football game and not make a single comment. Never mind the fact that NFL players get into about 150 times as much law-trouble as NBA players. And serious shit too. Like, murder.

What other comments have we missed? We're sure there's a few more.


MP3 of the Week:

Filter - "Hey Man Nice Shot"

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Ash said...

Finally, an Mp3 I can support with my entire being.