Thursday, February 05, 2009

I Wish Democrats Said "Renewable Energy" With the Same Slobbering, Fanaticism Say, "Tax Cuts."

(Ed. Note: The following essay contains views which aren't necessarily the views of Dear Mr. Supercomputer, it's parent company, Dear Mr. Supercomputer Inc., and it's parent company, Merck.

For this reason, we are switching to the first person singular, "I," instead of the usual first person plural, "We.")

This is why I could never really disparage anyone who voted for Nader in 2000 (or 2004, dear).

Say what you will about Republicans (I often do), they stick to their guns. In the face of two straight elections where they had their asses handed to them, in the face of the popular vote going Democrat in four of the past five elections, in the face of becoming a regional party, they aren't ceding one bit of ground.

In fact, they're doing the opposite. Last week, zero house Republicans voted for the stimulus bill. Perhaps more stunning, only three out of one hundred seventy eight (178) house Republicans voted for the Ledbetter Equal Pay Act. This was a piece of legislation that allows female (or male, I suppose) employees to sue their employer for up to (but not exceeding) $300,000 if they are discriminated against vis-a-vis their pay. That means that 175 house Republicans voted against a piece of legislation would ensure equal pay for equal work.

It's the 2009 and a large swath of Republicans feel that equal pay for equal work shouldn't be a part of U.S. law.

But anyway, this is supposed to be an essay praising Republicans. Yes, praising them.

You see, Democrats, unlike Republicans, are big pussies.

I mean, as soon as Obama's elected and Democrats achieve a sizable majority in the House and the Senate, they start capitulating to the Republicans. I mean, if we hadn't seen the election results, we would have thought the Republicans had just beaten down the Democrats for two straight election cycles.

Give credit to Republicans: they don't give a fuck whether or not they come back to power. It's almost like they like being in the minority, causing trouble, and making Democrats look like douchebags (Mission Accomplished!). And Republicans certainly don't give a shit whether or not they appear "bi-partisan."

Democrats are currently in the process of going back on everything in the stimulus bill. What were among the first few things to get cut? STD prevention, education, and Science ($1 billion for National Science Foundation cut out today). And the Democrats let that happened because they're afraid of a fillibuster. Or afraid of the "P-Word."

Sex! Science! Education!!!!! Not to my kid you don't!!!

My God, we're back to the 18th century.

Obama was elected on the ambiguous "Change" theme. I suppose that meant a lot of things to a lot of people. To many, I suppose that meant, "bi-partisanship." I, however, was certainly hoping for a liberal mandate (which it was, just few are willing to pick up the flag and charge). We have a lot to make up for after eight years of bullshit and it's going to take a ton of investment to make up for all the shit that's been kicked down the road.

Thankfully, it appears as if Democrats are starting to wise up. And it only took them a few weeks to realize, "Holy shit! We've got a massive fucking majority and we can do what the fuck we want! Suck it bitches!!!!!!!" It's about time.

I suppose that's what I was hoping for vis-a-vis, "Change."


sk said...

As they are nearing 70, I hope Mom and Dad can stay pain free, don't require surgery or experimental drugs...considering the hidden health care bomb in the liberal goody bag "stimulus" package.

sk said...

ps - this blog post is offensive: Especially considering that in Charlotte schools they are starting to teach sex ed and how to use a condom to Kindergardeners. Did I mention the classroom instruction in sodomy ?

Imagine you have, say, 2 young kids, or are expecitng a kid. And damn the parents and how *they* want to raise the kids. It's the government's job. Like everything else the Libs want to turn over to the government.

gk said...

Obviously, I can't speak to the condom usage in Kindergarten, though they tried to portray a "don't hug strangers" rule as "teaching kindergarteners about intercourse" during the election. But this has nothing to do with STD prevention, which probably is more fiscally responsible long-term than treatment.

As for the offensiveness, see the editorial comment at the beginning of the post.