Saturday, January 31, 2009

MP3 of the Week: "Scarlett Johansson & Jeff Buckley Make Both Mr. And Mrs. Supercomputer Happy"

We had planned on blogging about the new Arcade Fire. Or the new Bon Iver EP, Blood Bank. Or maybe even the new Sufjan track.

But even Sufjan plays second fiddle when Scarlett Johansson and Jeff Buckley are prominently involved. You see, Jeff Buckley makes Mrs. Supercomputer happy for many reasons. Meanwhile Scarlett Johansson makes us happy. For one reason.

Anyway, most people will piss all over a Hollywood superstar covering the beloved indie-hero Jeff Buckley's "Last Goodbye." But frankly, if you close your eyes and get over your incredible inferiority complex, it's not bad. In fact, you might even say it's good.

This may be a corrollary of the "Whenever a female artist does an acoustic cover of a Modest Mouse song, she'll be the MP3 of the Week" rule, but whenever Scarlett Johansson covers a Jeff Buckley song, she'll get MP3 of the Week.

Here's a link. Scarlett Johansson - "Last Goodbye"


Update: Here's a stream of an entire Scarlett Johannson album of Tom Waits covers that's actually pretty good.

Update 2: OK it's not that good.

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