Monday, January 19, 2009

Goodnight, Bush

In the great white house
There was a telephone
And a bald louse

And a picture of -

A cow that also looks like a mouse.

And there were three oil men sitting on chairs

And two guys who panic
And a little Hispanic
And a bunch of coal, resting content
And tax breaks for the richest one percent

And a Constitution and a Bill of Rights
And a President who insisted he had more might.

Goodnight Bush
Goodnight Dick
Goodnight cow who also looks like a prick
Goodnight Rummy
Goodnight Condi
Goodnight to the cute, new Blondie

Goodnight guys who panic
And goodnight Hispanic
Goodnight offshore tax loop holes
Goodnight guys who had no control
Goodnight Constitution and Bill of Rights
And goodnight to the President who insisted he had more might.
And goodnight to the librarian who was always so bright.

Goodnight to the torturing that happens over there
Goodnight neo-Cons everywhere .....

(tune in later tonight for the printable picture version, might be edited)

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