Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Top DMS Posts of 2008

10. Better Know a PUMA! Multiple Choice Quiz. Yeah, those PUMAs didn't have a whole lot of sway now did they?
9. The Browns Season Is Officially the McCain Campaign. Actually as it turns out, the Browns' season went way more off the rails.
8. You Know What West Virginia, No One Asked You. Update: as they're moving along with mountaintop removal coal mining, feel free to remove the entire state from the union, mmm, kay?
7. Introducing: The Super-Duper Delegate. Would have made the Democratic primary way less messy.
6. Why I'm Voting (Twice) For Barack Obama. And I didn't even need ACORN's help to vote twice!
5. Our Long National Nightmare is Over. This is what happens when we don't blog for a while.
4. A Special Moment With My Son.
Radiohead in Dallas: Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down! Edition. If for only the great Photo Booth pictures.
2. The Real Nine Circles of Hell. I don't care if no one commented. I spent a long damn time on that post.
1. Man, I Love A Good Peach. Still do.

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Anonymous said...

Lebron is just flat out ridiculous.