Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lists Coming Soon

Even though there hasn't been a comment on this blog in neart twelve weeks, we know you're all clamoring for more. Just be patient. We are in the midst of compiling our year end lists.

Just a heads up, we will not be doing the vaunted Albums of the Year bit because, frankly, we didn't listen to any albums. We'll give you songs, but we were lucky if we listened to a radio commercial the entire way through without having to change a diaper or console Girl Supercomputer because she dropped her lollipop.

So, until we get those up and running, feel free to peruse some old lists.



Adam said...

I cannot wait.

I don't want to wait.

Give it to me now.

Ashley said...

If TV on the Radio shows up again as your album of the year I will revolt.

08301975 said...

This is a comment.