Monday, November 03, 2008

The One Thing Missing From this Election

As we approach the day of reckoning, it is pertinent that we remember the man who probably understood the historic nature of this election better than anyone else. Certainly he helped us understand this election better. He certainly helped us enjoy it and make it exciting. I think Russert's absence has made it easier for candidates to say things they otherwise knew they would get called on. He actually made the process enjoyable. As the election nears it's gotten less and less enjoyable. Tim's absence is probably the primary reason for that.

(Side note: imagine, for a moment, if Sarah Palin had ever been on MTP with Tim Russert. Wait, I'll give you an idea. It starts with, "On Thursday, April ..." and ends with the Republican party finding a new VP candidate.)

Russert had a way of periodically making us slow down and recognize the historic nature of this race. Not just the racial aspect, but simply the amazing upset of Obama beating the Clinton machine and creating a grassroots organization the likes of which certainly the Democrats had never seen. Even still, he certainly did not take it easy on Obama, as evidenced by the video below.

Tim was excited by this race like no one else and made us all get excited too. We've dearly missed him over the past few months and will continue to miss him even after November 4th.

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