Thursday, October 02, 2008

MP3 of the Week: "We've Officially Bottomed Out" Edition

There's some serious blogging lethargy going on out there. We're not sure what it is but it's out there. We've already lost Herland. If God is Love... is on hiatus. Will Leitch is no longer at Deadspin. Thank God Fire Joe Morgan is still running strong.

But even here at DMS we've sort of hit a lull. We're not sure what it is going around. Our theory is that it's this damn election. Maybe you've heard of it. In fact, it's been the fodder for so much material here on the award winning* DMS. We even had planned a huge-long post discussing how John McCain is running the worst, most haphazard campagin in recent memory. Seriously, we had it all planned out for some nice liberal soft-pedalling.

But it just never materialized. Now we have the debate tonight. And in 48 hours everyone will have forgotton that Sarah Palin can only name one Supreme Court case she'e ever disagreed with (presumably she can only name one Supreme Court case is the rub).

Frankly, it's exhausting. Don't you worry, we'll be on top of this election but it's starting to make people, especially us, a little insane. And we're a bit terrefied that our Vice President has the potential to be about asd experienced in foreign policy than your average High School dropout.

So we're thinking it's time to get back to what we love unabashedly. The least-popular segment here on DMS has to be the MP3 of the Week. But we don't care. It's our favorite. So we're thinking October is going to be "Music Month." And we're going to overload on mp3s that we've gotten a bit backed up on.

So let's try throwing down 3 MP3s a Week. Kind of like Poddington Bear.


So to get us started, let's get probably our two favorite songs of the year so far out there.

First, the Cold War Kids' "Something Is Not Right With Me." This song will kick your ass. It's off their recent album Loyalty to Loyalty.

Cold War Kids - "Something's Not Right With Me"

Next we have MGMT. A lot of people are going to put their 2008 debut album Oracular Spectacular on a lot of top 10 lists. We don't think DMS will be one of them. We have a hard time listening to, say, five MGMT songs in a row. But there's no denying their great opener, "Time to Pretend."

MGMT - "Time to Pretend"

(Coming soon: New TV on the Radio! Here's a spoiler: best album of 2008.)


Adam said...

Now that I'm not blogging, I have more time to comment on your blog Geoff. Two things:

1. Why can't I get into TV on the Radio? Is there something wrong with me?

2. How are we going to make it this year without an ACL recap? I don't think not attending ACL is any reason to not recap it - my opinion.

Kath said...

Kudos for not using the phrase 'Rocktober'.

gk said...

excellent adam, glad to see you're back on board as one of the three people who read my blog (aside from the occasional Libertarian spam-commenter).

Yes: Something is wrong with you. Maybe you should listen to the Cold War Kids "Something is Not Right With Me." I think placed it around here somewhere.....

Not sure what you've heard of TVOTR. If you've heard "Wolf Like Me" and don't think they're awesome then I don't know what to say. But actually, their previous album is a little bit atmospheric, ethereal, and initially inaccessible ("WLM" aside). One listen through might not do it.

Their new album is much more punchy and immediately rewarding. Actually more "WLM" type songs. So maybe you'd like their new album better. We'll see when we put an mp3 or 2 up.

k said...

ah i just saw mgmt at acl. very awesome.

gk said...

grrrrr.... don't remind me about ACL.

Maybe I should give a play-by-play recap of how my weekend went without ACL.

k said...

yup. you'll be even more upset to know i got free tickets again. but really it wasn't t hat great.