Friday, September 05, 2008

MP3 of the Week: "The Year's Almost Over People" Edition

As I was freezing in 50 degree weather today (and you thought freezing was at 32!) I realized that the year is 3/4ths over. And we really haven't been struck by an album yet. We've definitely heard some great songs (see below). And some of those songs are on albums that have the potential to be fantastic, but we just haven't heard them yet.

So to you, readers, we're asking YOU. What are some of the great albums you've heard this year?


One of those albums with huge potential, based on the few songs we've heard from it, is Ra Ra Riot's The Rhumb Line. This is the opening track, and if it portends to the power of the rest of the album, it would have to be in consideration.

Ra Ra Riot - "Ghost Under Rocks"

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Kelly said...

thanks for that selection...i like it a lot. they remind me of vampire weekend. (which is my choice for great album of the year)