Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Will The Internets Destroy Politics?

We had this conversation with Mrs. Supercomputer the other day. But, with the advent of social networking sites (like Facebook) and bloviating sites (like Blogger), it's easy to see how this could take down pretty much every politician.

I mean, look at this blog. If we ever tried to run for office, all our opponent would have to do is find this blog, search for the word, "fuck" and that would be pretty much it. Don't think this isn't going to be a problem when we run against Chelsea in 2032. And we can probably rule out us carrying West Virginia. But they can go fuck themselves.

But it's not just us. Let's take U.S. Senate nominee (R-CO) Bob Schaffer. Now, we know nothing about him, but we do know that you can access his son's (thankfully) archived Facebook page here. In it we find all sorts of racist, offensive bullshit. And we also find that he just left the "Pole Dancers for Jesus" group.

But then, Justin Schaffer's probably a retarded 19 year old. So you can certainly cut him some slack. But were this the presidential nominiee's son, that would be a serious issue for the 24 hour cable news shows. Even the political candidates' retarded 19 year old son would get him or her in trouble.

In a few years, it'll be hard to imagine anyone not having some sort of online persona created. Whether it be Facebook, or Myspace, or Blogger, or Wordpress, or even Netflix, everyone in the U.S. will have uploaded stuff online, only to be parsed by investagatory journalists, either now or in the future.

Can you imagine the treasure trove of a presidential candidate's previously undiscovered blog? The anonymous blowharding that takes place in the Internet 3.0 might not be so anonymous when said blowhard is running for office.


Adam said...

Yes, it doesn't look like politics is in your future. At least in DMS's future.

k said...

the new english teacher's 2nd project is about this. she rules.

gk said...

Awesome. Make sure she cites my blog for an entry document.