Friday, August 15, 2008

MP3 of the Week: "Colorado Weather 1, DMS 0" Edition

It's the middle of August, right? Because last I checked, my entire undercarriage is freezing.

You see, I went ahead and checked the date. Sure enough, it's Friday, August 15th. The Summer Olympics are going on. I repeat: the Summer Olympics. So this morning when it was a bit drizzly outside, we thought, "Meh. A little cool morning precipitation will be nice on my usually sweaty ride to work (artist rendering shown on the right)." It turns out that it's 50 degrees outside. We're wearing, you know, cloth. Cloth soaks up water. So within 30 seconds, we're freezing, soaked, and only 30 seconds into our daily commute to work. And we surely didn't bring our jacket because, like we said: it's fucking August. By the time we actually get to work, everything below the waist is so cold, it might constitute as another form of birth control.

And of course, the building where we blog work was built in the 70's or something. And we all know that any building built before 1996 has two HVAC settings: frickin' cold in the Summer and devil's armpit hot in the Winter. And usually the thermostat (and by "thermostat" I really mean, big on/off switch) is controlled by a guy no less than 600 miles away. In fact, I'm pretty sure the guy lives in the Southern Hemisphere. The bonus is this: the last 200 yards of my daily bike is a steep uphill that would make Lance Armstrong have to pop another 10000 daily calories. So even in the freezing cold drizzle, I sweat. Then I get to climb in the building with the HVAC set for "Summer freezing" temperature. So I'm soaked, cold, and generally miserable. All my colleagues were looking at me with the same unstated thought: "Stupid fucking Texan."

We're totally unprepared for this place. I can't imagine what it's going to be like in the Winter (which probably starts in a couple weeks).


Anyone who follows this blog regularly (which, if you discount people with the same last name, is basically two people) know that I'm a sucker for a several things musically. We're suckers for crescendo rock. We're suckers for heavy instrumentation. We're suckers for white guys remixing rap songs. We're suckers for rappers remixing indie songs. We're suckers for Sufjan Stevens. We're suckers for songs in movies and TV shows. We're suckers for covers.

And what we're really suckers for is female artists doing acoustic covers of songs who aren't Alanis Morrisette. Which brings us to Australia's Lenka. Her cover of Modest Mouse's already-awesome "Gravity Rides Everything" is fantastic. In fact, I think we can make that a hard-fast rule: whenever a female artist does an acoustic cover of a Modest Mouse song, she's gonna get the MP3 of the Week.

Her debut album comes out in September. She's definitely one to keep an eye on. Have a listen.

Lenka - "Gravity Rides Everything" (Modest Mouse Cover)


Kelly said...

what's on her head? it is supposed to be a hat? i will listen to her song now.

gk said...

Yeah it kind of looks like a lady bug and a yarmulke had a baby.

Kath said...

The first time I flew out to Denver to househunt, it was the end of August and 94 degrees. One week later Green Valley Ranch (near DIA) had 6 inches of snow.

I love weather and all!