Sunday, August 03, 2008

MP3 of the Week: "6 Years" Edition

It's been six years since we dropped the moniker "Bachelor" Supercomputer for the more commonly known "Mr." And amazingly, we're still not a bachelor and not poisoned in my sleep. So a big "Thank You" and "I'll try harder" to Mrs. Supercomputer for putting up with this shit (and this shit) for six long years.

We've (we're using the "plural" form of "we" now) lived in about eight different residences. We've obtained one advanced degree and are starting work on another. We've had two children, countless jobs, and probably a fair number of fights too. We've gotten fat and thin and fat and thin together via pregnancy and Tikka Masaala. We've been to the movie theater, like, four times. Our eye prescriptions have both plummeted a couple points and will probably continue to do so. We've been to zoos, baseball stadiums, museums, national parks, both coasts, sea level and one of the highest points in the continental U.S. We've had one car, two cars, and no cars. We've ordered hundreds of delivery Chinese meals and invariably ended up throwing away the leftovers and had several cavities. We've Netflixed exactly 198 movies starting with Three Kings and Shaun of the Dead (both rated 4 stars).

You really can squeeze a lot in to six years when you're not thinking about it. The MP3 of the Week is one of the ones that was at our wedding commemorating Day 1 of this union. And even on Day 2192 I am still amazed, surprised, and enamored.

Tom Petty - "Wildflowers"


adam said...

Congrats. I certainly wouldn't have stayed married to you for 6 years. Well done gk and sk.

morgs said...

congrats. miss you guys.

Kath said...

Happy Anniverserating!

Kendra said...

Yeah but who could handle pregnancy WITHOUT tikka masala??? (not worth it!)

thanks for being our friends...and for moving to CO! Hope you had a good anniversary (looks like a happy pic)


k said...

aw congrats!

Ashley said...

let me also express my congratulations over this sacred medium. you two are the best.

love live the kralls. i'm still waiting for you two to make use of such a great band name.