Sunday, July 20, 2008

MP3 of the Week: "Roots" Edition

No, we're not inviting Levar Burton over to discuss our latest MP3 selection, though we would be beyond excited at that prospect.

But rather, we've sort of been digging through some of our old albums as of late to remind us of when exactly we got interested in music. You know, our formative years. Last week we started with Cracker circa 1993 and while we promise won't drag this out too much further, we're going way back to the 90's yet again this week.


Bob Mould's alt-rock group Sugar is pretty much the genesis of DMS's musical interest. Their album Copper Blue was as influential as any we had throughout our pubesence. While Mould's Sugar project is probably the least famous of his work, their "The Slim" was one of our most listened to song and pretty much is the platonic ideal of what DMS's musical interest was in the 90's and it still lingers even today.

Sugar - "The Slim"

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