Thursday, July 17, 2008

Like Hell it Won't Cut Cans!

Take that, Peter Saarsgard!

Remember that scene in Garden State when Peter Saarsgard (seen here about to get it on with Liam Neeson in Kinsey ... lucky!) schemes for a quick $40 by returning a set of knives he just picked up straight from the aisle? And the clerk asks why he was returning it? And his reasoning to the clerk was that it wouldn't cut cans?

Well you couldn't say that about the Miracle Blade!!!

So far we've used this beauty to do the following:
a) Cut plexiglass (yesterday to install our window A/C unit)
b) Cut blinders to get them to fit our windows
c) Slice food products

Sure a hacksaw could have done a) and b) a little better, but who can afford hacksaws these days? Am I right, people? Don't tell me it's not worth 3 easy payments of $19.95 (good Lord were they easy) (and we called now, so Chef Tony (shown below, showing us his fantastic product) knocked off one whole payment)! Thanks, Chef Tony!

(Ed. note: Yes, we've already relinquished every bit of Texan in us and become thick blooded Coloradans. We bought an A/C unit because we were so hot. The high tomorrow in Fort Collins is 85 degrees. In Austin it's 99.)

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Kath said...

To prove your point, some of my Boulder/Denver buddies are all in Austin this weekend for a convention and the heat and humidity are killing them. Or so they say!

Yay on your new A/C :-)