Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ethical Dilema: Is it Offensive to Utillize the Handicap Buttons?

(Updated! See below for awe-inspiring details!)

It's tough to know what's kosher and what's not in today's society. Today we begin a neverending series that tries to answer the tough questions about right and wrong in our society. Sure things like stealing and murder are frowned upon. But we're here to tackle the tough questions such as the following: Is it ok for a non-handicapped person to use the handicapped door opening button?

I'm not handicapped. At least, not physically. Yet I often use these convenient buttons because, well, they're convenient. They open the door for you and leave it open long enough for several able-bodied beings to pass through. Sure it's lazy, I'm not arguing that. But is it ethical? Will people give me a look when they see me, a strapping able-bodied male, utilizing one of these to save the trouble of opening it myself?

I'll leave that up to you, the readers. Vote via the comments. Update! Screw comment voting. We added a poll. Hell yeah we did. Feel free to vote anonymously.


Kath said...

Oh heck ya..push it! That is what it is there for!

JO said...

When I went to UTD in certain buildings the doors were REALLY hard to open and there would be two in a row for like wind breaks or something retarded like that, and that is when I would use the handicapped buttons, because they opened both at the same time. And at work we encourage everyone to use them, so why not.

gk said...

5 votes to zero. I'd say that's what we call a mandate!!!

Lemoncakes said...

Just because there is a depiction of a man on what seems to either be an exercise ball or wheelchair on the button, it doesn't mean that the button is exclusively for men on exercise balls or wheelchairs.