Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our Long National Nightmare Is Over

I hope you guys have been all camel-esque in your reading of this blog. Because like the camel which may only see water once every few months and must store up the water in their humps, so to must our loyal readership drink up the few posts we have made in this month of June. We really do apologize for that. But at least you can't say you weren't warned. It's been quite a month too, both in the DMS world and in the world at large. So before we truly say goodbye to this month, it's important that we give it its proper due. In that vain, here are some prevailing thoughts that we've had as of late.

Hilary finally dropped out of the race and is $20 million in debt. Yeah, she's the one with experience to manage a budget.

Moving with two kids. Don't do it. Once you have that second kid, just stay there for 20 years (unless you have another one of course).

Either my readership is very understanding by not demanding more posts, or my readership has their standards set pretty low for DMS.

OK so Karl Rove is a "Fox Political Analyst?" That's OK? A guy that could be prosecuted for high crimes in the next few years is an analyst for Fox News?

Related: people that watch Fox News have to be kidding themselves, don't they?

That Obama guy is sure one patriotic Muslim.

Speaking of which, I'm glad Barack decided to share his 4th Grade English essay. I think I had that same prompt.

Thomas Friedman has the best take on the US energy situation I've seen. And he's about as free-market as they come.

If we're so damn smart, why don't we migrate like the birds do?

There is no need to ever live in a place inhabited by cockroaches.

Coloradoans hate Texans. I should shoot them with my Colt .45.

Wait, wait, wait.... Mr. Sulu's gay????

This election is just ridiculous at this point.

Did Wes Clark really say anything, you know, negative about McCain?

For anyone interested in going to the Westwood Class of '98 reunion, you can get details here. It has one post and was last updated February 24.

Can someone make my baby stop crying? No? Ok, thanks anyway.

Rank the following states in order of their aesthetic appeal: Colorado, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma (that's actually the right answer, except it could use a bit better formatting:

Colorado..............................., Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma)

Cable is a very, very dangerous thing. Now I know why we're so fat.

Speaking of which, here are our favorite time-wasting cable shows: Dirty Jobs, The Next Food Network Star, Countdown with Keith Olbermann (have you ever seen a better furrowed brow?), My Friend Rabbit (not a cable show, actually a kids show, sometime I watch it even when the girl is doing something else), Reno 911, Survivorman.

I've been downloading Mozilla Firefox 3.0 for three days now.

Middle East Conflict Intensifies, Blah Blah Blah, Etc. Etc..


We hope you all had a good month. We're not sure what kind of blogging traction we'll be able to get but we promise it'll be a damn sight better than June's pathetic showing.


Kath said...

Yeah, CO pretty much rocks it in comparison to those other places you've mentioned!

Happy First 4th in FoCo.

Btw, am high-fivin' you on your HRC in debt comment. Sooo glad she is history.

k said...

blah colorado! i'll have you know i'm having an amazing summer in texas and i love the heat...maybe i'm super crazy.

glad you're back.

countdown with keith rules.

sk said...


I like Obama's stance on needing diplomacy with Iran. Brilliant original idea ! It's not like the EU has been trying that for how many years ?

And the Obama-smoker poll is about as relevant as the AP/Yahoo poll the other day - who do pet owners prefer.

sk said...

Friedman free market ? He says right there they should price fix oil at $4.50 !!!! How free market is THAT ?

Besides, I didn't think you could be free market and be employed at the NY Times.

You need to start reading Walter Williams.