Monday, June 02, 2008

MP3 of the Next Couple Weeks: "Goodbye Austin" Edition

Dear Mr. Supercomputer is going to be shutting things down for a couple weeks while we move DMS headquarters from Austin, TX to Fort Collins, CO. During our journey westward, we'll be making stops in Dallas and Topeka and we might just intentionally drive into a ditch if things get too hairy with Girl Supercomputer and Boy Supercomputer in the back seat.

It's probable we'll not be delivering our insight for a couple weeks while we get everything settled, which is a shame because the next couple weeks looks like they'll be shaping up nicely for DMS-nation (hint: see picture on right of the heavens obviously endorsing their candidate).

It'll be tough leaving Austin, the only real home we've ever known. We have strong roots here. It's probably the greatest city in the world when you don't include geography and climate. Things I'll miss about Austin (uh-oh, you know it's a tender moment when we switch to the singular):

The Zilker Park train
Katz's at 2 AM
Magnolia Cafe at either 1 AM or 8:30 AM
KGSR 107.1
Mexican food
The Parish
Amy's Ice Cream
Kerby Lane's short stack preceded by Kerby Queso
Hole in the Wall
The Drag
W. 2222
KUT 90.5
Austin City Limits (the show and the fest)
Peter and the Wolf
The Saxon Pub
"Ice Days"
Town / Lady Bird Johnson Lake
Civic involvement
The Ginger Man
Burger Tex
First Thursdays
The 10
SXSW free day shows
Summer Texas rains
Mayor Will Wynn
Waterloo Music
Austin Java Co.
Barton Springs
Clay Pit
Our house
The Austin Chronicle

I'm sure there are countless others that I've missed that I won't realize until after we've already vacated the premises.

But we expect Fort Collins to be everything it's cracked up to be. Even still, we'll miss you Austin.

John Prine - "Clay Pigeons"

We'll see you all in a couple weeks.


Ashley said...

Buen Viaje!

Kendra said...

There's a lot to love about Austin, isn't there (especially late night food...hmm...we might have to make our own pancakes and queso here - sorry) looking forward to your family falling in love with THIS's a good one!

k said...

hope your trip is going well!

k said...

noooooo not russert!!!!

Kath said...

Welcome to Colorado! While Austin IS awesome, Fort Collins/Denver area is not too shabby.