Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Radiohead Live in Dallas - Thumbs Up/Down!

On Sunday, DMS had the pleasure of attending a live performance by the post-modern art rock band Radiohead. We've been fans of Radiohead since way back when we saw them open up for R.E.M. at a venue that has been replaced by an Office Depot, among other things. We also saw them in 2000 or 2001, I forget which, in Houston.

It was a fantastic performance but let's get straight to the in depth analysis, thumbs up/down style!

Thumbs Up! Weather. After hearing about what went down in Washington D.C., we couldn't have been more pleased with the atmospheric offerings from Mother Nature. Cool, breezy and a near-full moon.

Thumbs Down! Parking. Look, I understand that it was going to take a while to get out of there. But $15 for parking is outrageous.

Thumbs Up! Lights. Pretty, pretty lights. Although it was kind of hard to pay attention to the music due to the pretty lights.

Thumbs Down! "Dollars and Cents" Quite possibly my least favorite Radiohead song, this song has no business being played live. The song itself is weak and in my opinion, beneath Radiohead. Apparently, they disagree and decided to use this time to remind everyone that their legs are sore by playing this snoozer.

Thumbs Up! The music venue of the Superpages.com Center. We got there right before Radiohead went on and had a comfortable spot where we could see relatively well even though we were way far away.

Thumbs Down! Everything else about the Superpages.com Center. First of all, the name is ridiculous. Second, Tecate was $12. $12 for 20 oz.!!! That's a markup of like a billion percent.

Thumbs Sideways! Song Selection. As mentioned, "Dollars and Cents" was no good. However, they did mix up a good amount of old favorites, meanwhile treating the entire In Rainbows album. We were real surprised they played "Fake Plastic Trees." We thought that Thom Yorke would have considered that beneath him. Again, we should stop deciding what's right for Radiohead. "Wolf at the Door" made a surprise appearance. "Videotape" was transcendent. "Exit Music," "The Bends," and "Paranoid Android" were all very welcome. "All I Need," while a great song, is perhaps not a great starter.

Thumbs Up! Grandparents. We could not have done this without the GPs, who allowed us not only to go to a concert unfettered by the kids, but also to have a decent nights sleep at a hotel afterwards. There will be a special place in heaven for all grandparents who allow for this occasionally.

You can see more photos a full set list of the Dallas performance here (via GvB).

And now, for some videos of the show we found on youtube.


"Fake Plastic Trees" (Jonny Greenwood gets all Daniel Plainview on his guitar.)

"You And Whose Army?" (complete with ultra-creepy closeups of Thom Yorke.)


Ash said...

OMG. you got Exit Music and the Bends! ! ! ! ! Geez . . . we didn't get You and Whose Army, nor Dollars and Cents . . .

We got Planet Telex. That was a fun surprise. Lucky. Karma Police. National Anthem. I was surprised they played Fake Plastic Trees too.

gk said...

I would have liked Karma Police, but I was thrilled with Exit Music, the Bends, and Wolf at the Door.