Friday, May 02, 2008

The NBA Playoffs Are Back!

And that means so is Lebron James, Boobie Gibson, ESPN Gamecast, and the first round dismantling of the Wizards who just got Avada Kadavera-ed tonight.

We'll be sure to provide as much analysis and insight as we can offer based on the little fake basketball game going on in my computer screen.

Ummm... Lebron James is good. Anderson Varejao, not so much.
Yes Lebron..... I will obey......)


Ashley said...

Prediction. Hawks over Cavs in 6. Horford's snub as Rookie of the Year is all the fire that team needs.

gk said...

Oh please let Atlanta win on Sunday..... please let Atlanta win on Sunday.....

Related, 18-0 Pats lose to the Giants in the SB + Celtics losing to the 37-win Hawks (???) would make gk a happy boy.

On the flip side --> Boston beating Cleveland again the playoffs (think Red Sox/Indians) makes gk a sad boy.