Friday, April 18, 2008

MP3 of the Week: "What Are You, Retarded?" Edition

From this article entitled, "Ongoing nomination fight hurting Clinton more than Obama" :

"Randi Estes, a Democrat from Ada, Okla., said she prefers Clinton but feels Obama is likely to win the nomination. "He's gotten very strong media coverage, and Bill Clinton's not helping her a bit," said Estes, 36, who has four children under the age of 6.

Speaking of Obama, she said, "I have a sense he's a Muslim.""

Good Lord. You're kidding me, right? We're still there?

Randi, I'm not sure if you've been stuck in a coal mine or are just mentally challenged. Even after all the Reverend Wright stuff, you still think he's a Muslim? Look, you may not agree with the beliefs of his pastor, but that was clearly a black church, not a mosque. I know, it's confusing, Randi. He said "I hate America" (I think he said that in there somewhere) and Muslims all hate America so therefore Obama must be a Muslim who attends a Church of Christ. Brilliant.

Not to be outdone is Allan Lovel from Washington:

"For Allen Lovell, a moderate Democrat in Everett, Wash., race is unimportant, but replacing Bush with a Democrat is vital. And lately he has concluded that Obama probably has the better chance of beating McCain.

He said the Democratic campaign has lasted too long, but there is one topic he'd like to hear more about. Lovell, who guessed that Obama is "either Christian or Muslim," said: "I don't think we're getting enough information on religion" from the candidates."

"Either Christian or Muslim?" Fucking brilliant Allen. We've ruled out Hindu and Snake-handler.

Look, retarded people, I know the name can be confusing at first. But Barack. Obama. Is. Not. A. Muslim. He goes to a black church. Those are not choirs of Middle Eastern women, but rather African-American women. He got in trouble because his CHRISTIAN PASTOR said inflammatory things at a CHURCH on a SUNDAY. How did you people miss that? We couldn't get away from it!

Barack is probably the most evangelically Christian Democratic nominee since I've been born. He talks about God a lot, and rather comfortably.

This is like one of those episodes on Jay Leno where he goes out and talks to people and the people he talks to are dumb and we all laugh.

(ed. note: We apologize for using the term "retarded" to describe Randi and Allan. It's not fair to retarded people.)


Sia will forever be associated with Six Feet Under and "Breathe Me." And rightfully so. But her new album Some People Have Real Problems is a revelation. She's almost Jeff Buckley-ish in her singing, but more playful. In fact, between the songwriting and instrumentation, I'd say her best comp is probably Austin's one-time local fave, Breedlove.

This week's MP3 is from Sia.

Sia - "Lentil"

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