Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Well That Sure Sucked Donkey Balls

It's 3 AM and the phone rings. I can't believe that bullshit worked.

To Pennsylvania (yes, even you, Pittsburgh) I want you to consider Bill Clinton's advice when deciding whom to vote for.

(p.s. Texans always like to josh about how they can still secede from the Union. Can Austin secede from Texas?)


sk said...

I appreciate BO's new campaigning strategy - getting the nastiness out of it.

His staffer calling HC "a monster" was a great example.

(not that the staffer is completely wrong...)

This is the most political fun in ages

sk said...

Your blog is going to be fun.

In the interest of full disclosure - contrary to popular belief, I am so not a W supporter.

There are only 2 things he's gotten right -
1) cut taxes, but even still he hasn't gone far enough….in the civilized world, the US still has the highest corporate tax rate sans Japan.

2) war on terror. I have an article from teh Wall St journal that describes how mother's in the middle east DREAM of their kids becoming suicide bombers (will forward it, if requested).

I would have thought those to the left of center would be upset that W is leaving office given the expansion in the social programs we've seen in the last 8 yrs.