Friday, March 28, 2008

MP3 of the Week: "Thank God This Month is Almost Over" Edition

Not that it's been an out and out awful month, just an exhausting one. We aren't sure we could take much more of it. Let's do a quick recap.

It started off with Hillary Clinton swooping in to Texas amidst gunfire (shown here, obviously heroically protecting this poor girl from incoming bullets; not shown: Sheryl Crow) to squeak out a victory at 3 AM in the morning. Meanwhile, the Obama people quietly went about their business collecting more delegates.

Soon after it was SPRING BREAK! WOOO! During Spring Break we headed out for a few SXSW-related activities - one day's worth - and exposed the Little Supercomputers to live music for the second and first times. Both remained unimpressed.

Spring Break ended. That sucked.

March Madness began. Someone forgot to tell Baylor until 20 minutes in.

Someone unearthed some videos of a pastor that is supposed to make us not want to vote for a candidate. No, it was not John Hagee calling Hurricane Katrina an act of God's vengeance against gays and Palestinians.

Then Barack Obama gave the great speech of our generation.

Eliot Spitzer caused The News Corporation to surge on two fronts: Fox News and Myspace. Bear Sterns was sold for a Player to be Named Later.

Dear Mr. Supercomputer destroyed its previous high of posts in a month with 15, including this one, not including any more that may be coming in the next few days. However, we certainly padded our stat sheet.

The month is mercifully coming to an end. We're basically no better or worse off than we were when it all started. We're all a little more cynical, a little wiser about the world. We even got all spiritual for a minute, just in time for Easter.

So the end of the month comes as a relief for this blogger. Because he's just so fucking tired.


Today, somewhere between Dallas and Austin, we listened to "Windowsill" by Arcade Fire. We heard the phrase "Don't want to live in America no more." Then we realized we were singing along. And then we thought, "oh shit! We've been to an Arcade Fire concert! We love Arcade Fire! And we sure as hell aren't going to stop going to Arcade Fire concerts because Win sings this egregiously 'unpatriotic' line! There's probably pictures of me at Arcade Fire concerts! Receipts for Neon Bible! Is this going to come up in our 2032 run for President against Chelsea Clinton?! Fuck! This is going to kill us in Pennsylvania!"

But just like Obama can't disown his pastor, I cannot disown Arcade Fire. So the mp3 of the week comes courtesy of them, and let's just hope that the 2032 Clinton team never find footage of me at the Rufus Wainwright concert.

Arcade Fire - "Windowsill"

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