Monday, March 10, 2008

Concerning Last Night's Post...

No I wasn't drunk when I made last night's strange, yet ultimately disappointing and worthless, post. I wasn't inspired. It was a weird feeling I haven't had in a long time.

I had time. Not a ton of it mind you. But all the other Supercomputer household members had gone to bed and I was the only one left up. And more amazingly, I wasn't totally exhausted. To add more it, there was no work for those of us on SPRING BREAK (!!!!!). So there I was, no one to talk to, a bit on the bored side, and not ready quite yet to go to bed.

Yes, rare times indeed.

So when I have free time I simply to expect to blog. But I had nothing to say. And instead of covering it up with some lamewad post like I usually do, I just hit "publish" and called it a post.

Rest assured faithful readers, there will be more exciting developments to come: SXSW, a possible Fort Collins bail-out, the NBA playoffs, gray hair. But we're just a bit tired of the usual stuff over here: nothing has inspired us musically this year, we're so fucking tired of Obama-Clinton we just want it to end now, we don't feel like reading, and there probably won't be major developments in the development of the Supercomputer children any time soon.

So I apologize if I'm starting to sound a bit like lonelygirl15. We'll be up and running again in no time at all.

Now if you'll excuse me, it is after all SPRING BREAK!!!!! and I'm going to go celebrate accordingly.

(P.S. True to form with Blogging Truth #1, within 12 hours I had infinitely many more comments on that three letter post, than on, say, this one.)

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Ash said...

It is so unfair that you are on Spring Break.