Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Radiohead Greatest Hits Album? or An Imploration From DMS

Apparently so. Without the bands consent, EMI is going to release a Radiohead Greatest Hits album. Radiohead is probably the least likely band in the world to release one on their own and probably the worst band in the world to make one.

While we don't have a problem with Greatest Hits albums - so long as they put them off until the band has decent archive behind them, unlike some people - and we don't have too much of a problem with EMI wanting to make a quick buck off the band's recent endeavors and upcoming tour, particulalry since EMI released the incredible, but highly experimental and single-unfriendly Kid A, I can't imagine this "album" being any kind of enjoyable. Can you imagine "High and Dry" and "Idioteque" on the same album? "Creep" and "Everything In Its Right Place?" "The Bends" and "Motion Picture Soundtrack?"

Greatest Hits albums are tempting for people who like the music but aren't ready to go back and invest $70 in the band's previous albums. I understand that. But consider thing a review before ever hearing the album: this will be a wretched compilation. If you're not willing to invest in every album, that's fine. Just go but Paranoid Android or something. Or The Bends. Or Kid A. You'll like it better than some hodge-podge of songs that EMI decides to jam together on a double CD. That's a promise from DMS to you, the loyal reader.

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