Friday, February 22, 2008

MP3 of the Week: "Catching Up" Edition

Man oh man. What a week. It's been a while since we've brought you new and fresh information and perspective. Let's just say we were wiped by the raucous Levar Burton Birthday Bash. Up ahead, some awesome new internet goodies, a few confessions, but first, the news.

McCain Tries to Woo Conservatives by Participating in a Lobbyist Scandal. Is this the best possible thing that could have happened to McCain? Now he gets to say that the New York Times is out to get him. He looks like he actually kind of likes lobbyists. And he gives the wink-wink impression that a 72 year old might be able to have sex. No more questions about the vitality of this member of the Greatest Generation.

Hillary Gives Best Debate Performance Yet, Drops 4 Points in the Polls. People seem to think that Hilary did well in the debate here in Austin last night. I suppose that's true, but Obama is getting better too. And it's getting easier to see him as Commander in Chief. Texas is getting tight. The problem with California is that Obama only had a week to roost there. He caught up valiantly there, but didn't have the time to surpass. Here, he's got two more weeks. There's a massive rally in Austin tonight (wasn't able to procure a baby-sitter or Mother-in-law in time) and if he wins Texas, it's probably over. I will take back every mean thing I've ever said about the state in which we reside if that happens.

Speaking of Texas, You Can Vote Twice. We had a lengthy conversation with someone from the Obama campaign discussing this weird primary-caucus thing that Texas does. We already early voted, but we all can vote again on the actual primary day of March 4th at our precinct's caucus. That's fantastic! So go vote, and then vote again. The Obamans are calling it the Texas Two-Step. Go here to read more.

Remind Me to Kick Kirk Watson in the Nuts. You a-hole. You looked like one of those people on "Jay-walking." Thanks for all those Austin bike lanes and all, but just crawl into a hole somewhere. Good God I can't watch this thing. It makes me sick. You just got beat by Chris Matthews, and he didn't have to work that hard.

And So Begins the "Please Don't Leave, Lebron" Campaign. Our own Cleveland Cavs made a splash by getting a bunch of overpriced one-dimensional players in exchanged for a bunch of overpriced one-dimensional players. On second thought, scratch that, Larry Hughes is a no-dimensional player. Lebron is excited. Others, less so. And it will be sad if this site goes away.

Even if Goes Away, We Still Have Yes, this is one of the best blogs of all time. Good Lord, are we that white? Wes Anderson flicks? Arrested Development? Are we that predictable? Truly hilarious stuff.

And lastly, we leave you with the mp3 of the week.

The Shout Out Louds - "Tonight I Have to Leave It"

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