Saturday, February 09, 2008

Could Puerto Rico Decide Who's Our Next President

There's a rather humorous scenario floating around the political world these days: Puerto Rico may very well be the deciding factor in the Democratic presidential nomination process.

Super Tuesday gave no indication of a winner. Obama is expected to do well in the "Crabcake Primaries" and Clinton is expected to do well in the Texas and Ohio primaries. But it's hard to imagine either winning any of these so convincingly as to force their opponent into dropping out of the race. In fact, with Clinton loaning herself $5 million (I wonder if she teared up when she signed the checks - sorry.... low blow....) I can't imagine her not sticking it out until the end. And with Obama's wealth of enthusiastic supporters I can't see him pulling out prematurely either. And with all these proportionally assigned delegates, it seems neither will be able to pull too far ahead.

Enter Puerto Rico.

  • It's the last primary state (June 7).
  • It has a delegate count of 63 (larger than the difference of delegates accumulated on Super Tuesday).
  • It's winner-take-all (holy crap).
It's a fun mental exercise to think about Puerto Rico having a larger role in determining our next president than, say, California. While the nomination will likely be decided by then - Howard Dean wants it decided by April, and if it's not, he'll body-slam you - there is a better-than-negligible chance it could be decided by the mother of all U.S. Territories. Maybe then it could finally become a state.

And I think if it does indeed come down to Puerto Rico, the Democratic party must recreate this scene.

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adam said...

I trust Puerto Rico. They seem like good folk.