Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Classy New Look of DMS

Sure, you noticed the new logo atop this here blog.

But did you notice..... THIS?!

Mwa ha ha ha!!!

im in ur bookmarks bein ur favrite!!!!!1

Let's check it out again, a bit bigger this time.

Oh yeah. That's what I'm talking about. It took hours of work and neglecting my children but it is so worth it.

See, the "D" stands for "Dear." As in "Dear Mr. Supercomputer." And the rest was lifted from Google as a slap in their face. They've got competition now.

Now, in order for this monumental shift in the trajectory of mankind to be truly complete, you'll have to update your bookmarks so as to reveal the "D" in all its true glory. Make it so.

(p.s. I also changed the text background but you can't tell. I can't even tell. But it's wayyyyy better. Trust me.)

(p.p.s I changed the icon to make it look a little more sinister:



(p.p.p.s. The least popular running segment on DMS, the MP3 of the Week, just got way cooler too. We learned how to embed the player. And I by "how to" I mean "copy and paste." This is the week that DMS goes from a little personal blog to an Internet changing iconoclastic destroyer of worlds.)


k said...

i spent today babysitting a 2 month old and a 3 year old. i'm now prepared in case you guys wanna do a date night! i mean i would babysit, not go with you two.

Adam said...

You are amazing.

And you should have picked up the embedded player from me a long time ago...wordpress won't allow it though.

Adam said...

If you changed to a new template, you'd really be rockin.

Ash said...

Nicely done.

For the record, if this ever shows up again on a blog entry, and I quote . . .

"im in ur bookmarks bein ur favrite!!!!!1"

. . . I will be forced to boycott this blog. I would elaborate my reasons for such dramatic course of action, but I find myself ill at the mere prospect of devoting any additional time to the discussion of what is without doubt one of the most horrid distortions of the English language save the Chick-Fila cows. I cannot stand for this.

gk said...

dont B a h8er!!!!1!1!1!