Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Top 10 DMS Posts of the Year

As the year begins to turn to 2008, we'll be participating in a tradition as old as the Internets themselves: creating an overabundance of top 10 lists.

At the risk of being too narcissistic, self-serving, and arrogant, today's list is Top 10 Dear Mr. Supercomputer Posts of the Year, as chosen by the editorial staff.

10. Drinking Tecate while watching the State of the Union. How did I get here?
9. Last year's top albums list. Yeah, yeah, I'm working on it.
8. Drunk blogging while watching espn.com NBA gamecast. Try not to get too excited.
7. Dear Mr. Supercomputer doesn't understand the differences between Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses.
6. Seriously, did anyone ever beat Zelda II?
5. DMS forges new depths in swearing. Still hate the Yankees, too.
4. DMS has a guest blogger.
3. DMS unveils its new subscription-only service.
2. I still contend this was a freaking awesome post, even if no one commented and I don't know no formatting.
1. Deadspin, meet DMS. DMS, Deadspin.

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