Monday, January 28, 2008

State of the Union Address

When I was a kid, I hated the State of the Union. It always interrupted way cooler programming, like Night Court, Cheers, and the Simpsons.

Now, however, I look forward to it. Not because I enjoy watching skulky politicians stand up every five seconds to applaud because if they don't they'll look like a tool. Not because I get to watch the opposing party's silly "rebuttal." But because it's been turned into an online game.

Football season's essentially over. The baseball is months away. What's a fantasy sports player / Internet addict to do? Take the SOTU Quiz.

Last year we finished 14th out of 1166, just two questions from the top spot. This year we've redoubled our efforts (is that the same as "quadrupling?"). So join in the fun! Or you can just get tanked on Tecates like we did last year.

(Man, why did I honestly think Bush would mention Ban Ki-moon or global warming??)

(Update: Or just take the SOTU drinking game!)


Ash said...

Take a look at the headshot they have of Crennel. Is that a glamour shot? You usually get football coaches wearing a nice big team sweatshirt. That one looks like he's headed out to score some lovin'.

sk said...

The best part ? He's coming here to protest the actions of *Democrats*. The sweet irony.