Tuesday, January 22, 2008

No Coffee - Day One

I'm not sure why I did it. Maybe it was the disgusting feeling I get after not eating all morning and guzzling an entire pot. Maybe it was the drugged aura I would wade around in. Maybe it was my breath. Maybe I was just tired of having to empty the coffee maker every morning and refilling it. Maybe it is because I had Folgers three days in a row. But were cutting out coffee from our daily routine.

Cold turkey.

Now, mind you, I didn't say I'm cutting out "caffeine." That would be just plain silly. And as such, I just finished my third cup of hot tea - all caffeinated. And while that sounds excessive, it pales in comparison to the amount I was drinking before, back when I used to drink six cups of coffee. Like, yesterday.

I feel a little groggy, but not too bad. But I'll probably need at least one more cup of highly caffeinated tea before the day is through. I don't feel totally drugged and a little sick, like my internal organs are in a perpetual state of having to dry-heave.

I don't plan on giving up coffee for good. But if I was ever going to slow it down, I had to start by cutting it out for a few weeks, you know, build up a tolerance for it again. On the road I was going, it would have been just a few more weeks before I was filling up my thermos with this every morning. And at that point, you'd probably have to say goodbye to the Mr. Supercomputer you all knew.

Not sure why I'm letting you all in on this. Maybe just to give you guys (all three of you) a heads up in case my posts seem testy or sullen or use excessive swear words.


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Ash said...


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I realize this one you may not be able to access without being on Myspace, but try it. Some of the new songs are really fast, it's good stuff.