Saturday, January 26, 2008

MP3 of the Week: "Google Ron Paul" Edition

As we mentioned on Monday, Martin Luther King Day, we are sick to our collective stomach at what is going on in South Carolina. While we'll have more on that after the outcome of today's primary vote, let's turn to our own home state and our own home-grown candidate, Ron Paul.

First of all, there's probably a 50/50 chance that the Republican and/or Democratic Presidential nominee won't be decided by the time the Texas Primary rolls around on March 4th. At that point, if it is indeed still up for grabs, it might just come down to a straight delegate count. That means that these symbolic wins in Iowa and New Hampshire only mean as much as the number of delegates the candidate is able to receive.

For the Democrats, the Texas contest is not winner-take-all. That means the candidate will be awarded a proportional amount of the 193 delegates.

For the Republicans, the contest is winner-take-all only in the event of a majority victory, which is extremely unlikely if the nomination is still undecided. More likely, Texas will be divvied up proportionally for the 140 delegates.

In short, what this means (and I know it's going to be tough to get a hold on this): Texans might have an impact on the Presidential race.

I know I just blew your fucking mind, but it's true. You actually might be able to have your vote count for something. I know it's never happened before, but there's a decent chance it could happen.

There is a caveat though: while it is an open primary, meaning you can vote for the Republican or Democratic nominee, you can obviously only vote in one or the other. So you have to choose where you want to have an impact.

Now, this means you might have to become educated about the candidates. I know it's a pain and all, and the last place I recommend going to is the TV.

But back to us for a second.

While a few months ago the thought of voting in the Republican primary would made the hairs on the back of DMS's neck stand up, we're just about ready to take a big shit on the Democratic party for good. Don't get us wrong, we still like Obama, almost as much as we did back when we saw him (and touched his hand!) way back when. But while we'd still consider voting for him in the general election, the fact that so many Democrats are being swayed (whether they admit it or not) by Bill Clinton and Hilary's gross misrepresentation of Obama's words, to the point where they become flat out lies, and Hilary's teary-eyed moment, it just makes me want to send a big middle finger to the Democratic party once and for all. I fucking give up with you a-holes. You have no spine and you obviously never will.

Trust me: if Obama actually loses South Carolina today, this blog is going to fucking explode.

All this leads us to the one person left in either party who voted against the war in Iraq (now that Dennis Kucinich has dropped out): Ron Paul.

We're starting to like him. A lot. And we could easily see us voting for him for the Texas primary. We're not ready to officially endorse him yet (trust us: you can have your New York Times, the Dear Mr. Supercomputer endorsement is wayyyy more influential), but we do recommend you at least became educated about his (and the rest of the candidates' I suppose) platform. And once you do, commit to vote in the first election in your lifetime in which Texans may actually influence the nation.


Oh yeah. Here's an mp3.

Rufus Wainwright - "Going to a Town"

"I'm gonna make it up for all of the Sunday Times
I'm gonna make it up for all of the nursery rhymes
They never really seem to want to tell the truth
I'm so tired of you America."


adam said...

would voting for ron paul really mean having an impact on the presidential race?

JoeBum said...

so, no john edwards?

gk said...

Hey, I didn't say my vote would count. Just that it could have national implications. Be a first for me. Makes me wonder what the U.S. would look like without an electoral college.

And actually, John Edwards is the only Dem who came out looking decent this week.

k said...

he wants to get rid of the department of education - good or bad? i say bad.

k said...

and i also have to add, please tell me why ron paul? my students say ron paul too. i have read up on this guy, and i am baffled. no offense to your view or anything like that, i'm seriously asking

gk said...

For shock value.

No, seriously, for his stance on not just the Iraq War, but for the use of U.S. troops in general. He'd bring the troops home from everywhere. I'm very much against nation-building by means of the military.

Voted against the Patriot act. Big supporter of property rights. Introduced a bill (not just talked about it) that would give teachers a $3000 tax credit. His environmental initiatives are focused on ending subsidies to corporations that pollute.

I obviously don't agree with everything he believes in, particularly second amendment rights. And I know that a lot of his initiatives are the pipe dreams of a former libertarian. But the basic tenets of the free market, non-violence, and property rights, I can get behind. And I believe that he's not just trying to tickle the ears of the voters.

As for Education, well, as ascetic as it sounds, I think blowing up the whole system and starting over might not be too bad an idea.

gk said...

....and let's not forget the reason for the vigor of this post : vehement disgust with the Democratic party.

k said...

ok i can see where you're coming from, just not stuff i can get behind.

democrats are sucking lately, but i must admit, it's an EXCITING race, eh?

gk said...

Well a shred of hope remains after the results today.

Before Saturday, polls were showing a narrowing gap between Obama and Clinton, presumably due to Bill Clinton's outlandish claims. Thankfully, South Carolina at the polls gave the Clintons a good ol' ass-whuppin.

Still though, the Clintons have been trying to back Obama into a corner as the "black candidate," culminating in Bill's comparison of Obama to Jesse Jackson, which is ridiculous to the point of aggravating.

The real test will be on Feb 5th where we will see if Democrats punish the Clinton campaign like South Carolina did for their outlandish tactics.

adam said...

I think casting a blank ballot would be better than voting for a rebulican in this election.

But I agree with you on Clinton. And though I like Edwards better than any Rep, he doesn't have a chance.

I am trying to be hopeful for Obama but I think the task ahead may be too big. And I don't think Clinton is electable as president. So that means we end up with mccain, romney, giuliani, or huckabee - not good.

Kyle said...

Glad you love the Rufus song, but can you please link to posts instead of hot-linking directly to the file URLS? Otherwise your links eat up my bandwidth without linking to the original post. Thanks! BTW, I'm an Obama fan.