Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Writer's Strike Hitting DMS Readers Expecially Hard

AUSTIN, TX -- As the Writer's Guild of America continues striking, the loyal readers of one of the hottest blogs on the net, Dear Mr. Supercomputer, are trying to cope with the lack of new material.

"This whole 'going weeks at a time' is not going to work. It's like, come on, can't you just write for free?" queried one anonymous, ultra-loyal reader.

The WGA strike is focused on restructuring an existing collective bargaining agreement with producers. It is believed that revenue generated by non-traditional sources, such as revenue from online content, is the main obstacle to an agreement being reached.

Dear Mr. Supercomputer has been especially vocal in the WGA strike, sometimes lashing out at entities totally unrelated to any of the parties involved. "Fucking 80 degree weather in December," DMS relayed in an official statement concerning the writer's strike. "And what the hell is this on forehead? Is it infected?" the statement rambled on.

The zionistic readers of Dear Mr. Supercomputer have had to resort to all sorts of measures to make up for the absence of new DMS material. "I've been re-reading every post, one a day, to get my daily Dear Mr. Supercomputer fix," commented one reader, only known by the call name "Ash."

Others are being more creative. "Well, I know this kid with Turretts Syndrome. An hour of that is kind of like a DMS post" commented "Jo."

"I just re-watch PBS shows online and listen to overly-pretentious music and that pretty much gets the job done," commented "Anonymous." "I just photoshopped a bunch of stuff I hate together and emailed it to myself, followed by me ranking the seven worst things Tom Delay did, then spending three hours trying to decide which Circle of Hell Donald Rumsfeld would end up" commented another.

There does not appear to be any end in sight for the WGA either. Whether this means that the rabid fanbase of Dear Mr. Supercomptuer will have to subsist on secondary blogs remains to be seen.

It is certain, however, that the writer's strike isn't the only thing keeping Dear Mr. Supercomputer from posting often.


The Beatles - "Hey Jude"
Jeff Buckley - "Satisfied Mind (live)"
Diana Krall - "Temptation"


Jo Jo? said...

I guess I have a strange to report.

I have listened to phantom limb.

A lot.

I have experienced "phantom pain" in my right arm since its amputation due to to gulf war injuries.

But now I'm experiencing phantom pain in my tail.

But that never got cut off.

Am I a monkey now?

Ash said...

This juicy report should give you some nice fodder, right?

Ash said...

Scoring Summary
FG 06:51 Phil Dawson 35 Yd 0 3
SF 13:48 Ball Through End Zone 0 5
FG 01:22 Phil Dawson 49 Yd 0 8

Are you serious? Ball Through End Zone?