Friday, November 09, 2007

MP3 of the Week: "Holding Pattern" Edition

You know what I hate most about flying? When you have to just circle and circle waiting to land. Every time the plane dips a little bit, you think it's over and you'll finally get to land and meet your friends and well-wishers who you'll have to pay back in parking, then you keep circling and circling.

You start to feel nautious by the fourth time the sun passes by your window. You have to pee more and more. Your gum has lost it's flavor.

But more than the physical agony you're in, it's just the anticipation of getting it over with that's just unbearable.

Right now, the Supercomputer household is in a holding pattern, awaiting the landing of Baby Supercomputer Version 2.0.


I'm on record suggesting that Peter and the Wolf has "Sufjan-like potential" and his latest album The Ivori Palms is a testament to that.

Peter and the Wolf - "The Ivori Palms"

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