Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Music + Baseball + Statistics = DMS Post!

From Nate Silver's recent Baseball Prospectus chat:

bnjoiner (NY, NY): Alright then, how much did you pay for In Rainbows?

Nate Silver: £3.21


TheDumbSmartGuy (Cambridge, MA): Regarding In Rainbows...better or worse than the Pitchfork-ordained 9.3?

Nate Silver: It's sort of the Derek Jeter of records.


Conor Glassey (Woodinville, WA): If "In Rainbows" is the Derek Jeter of records, what is the Dustin Pedroia of records?

Nate Silver: Early stage Belle and Sebastian, which means that he's going to wind up being overrated in a few years.


hankchinaski (DC): Does that make Iron and Wine the Casey Blake of records?

Nate Silver: I'm not sure, but with that beard and all, Blake definitely looks like the sort of guy you might run into one night at Empty Bottle or Nick's Beergarden.


(Ed. note: This will have to do until DMS has a chance to fully review RH's In Rainbows.)

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