Friday, October 12, 2007

MP3 of the Week: "Multiple Estimates" Edition

Funny thing about owning a house and something needing repair.

The first estimate comes in and you think "holy shit. I can't afford this" (*begins drinking heavily*).

Then when another estimate comes in, significantly cheaper than the first, you're more than happy to pay the people. You almost feel like they're paying you. Even though you're still schilling out hundreds or thousands of bucks. But you feel like they are.


We apologize for the recent lack of an mp3. But since there was no outcry from our legions of loyal readers, we didn't feel particularly prodded to recapture its glory immediately.

Magnolia Electric Company - "What Comes After the Blues"


Anonymous said...

Well, just remember what Jesus said about home ownership: "The dude don't got no damn head rest, beeatch! -- got no mutherfuckin' slipinside my sleepin' bag!" (John 4:54)


Kelly said...

what broke? did the wall finally give?

gk said...

Oh I don't want to give too much away. Let's just say initially, the fire department was involved.

Kelly said...

you know...i kept my renter's insurance for my stuffs. so far that decision is turning out to be a good bet. only a few left and you'll have a captain planet gang (Water! Fire!)