Friday, October 05, 2007

Gnats Hate the Yankees Too

"They aren't really biters -- more of a nuisance."

Hell yeah they are.

Apparently, it's a type of "midge" that gets the assist in the Indians' victory tonight. They bugged Joba Chaimberlain until he gave up the tying run on a wild pitch, presumably caused by those little fuckers messing with him.

God bless those little midges.


Also, we regret a lot of things we say around these parts. Sometimes, once we sober up, we have to make amends.

After our tirade yesterday you'd think we'd make such retractory statements.

Particularly when it came to light that Our Own Lebron James, the Chosen One, who grew up in Cleveland, wore a damn Yankees cap to last night's game IN CLEVELAND!!

And he continues to profess that he's a Yankee fan. This is just a total bitchslap to the face of Cleveland, especially considering he's not signing an extension and his looming free agency will dominate the 2007-08.

So then, does Dear Mr. Supercomputer mean it when we say such things as:

"If you root for the Yankees, you are probably a prick."

Does this mean that Lebron James, who we pen odes to, is a prick?


(Note: but don't think for a minute we won't be praising the Chosen One once basketball season starts. That's just how we roll.)

Update: Check this shot out.


Adam said...

Maybe Lebron should have just worn a Knicks hat. Less subtle.

gk said...

Apparently, the OFF! they sprayed did nothing, but make the midges stick to the players' faces.

That's wonderful.

Adam said...

James is worthless scum.