Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sure, the White Stripes Cancelled, but.....

The 2007 Austin City Limits Music Festival also has a major addition to announce:

Dear Mr. Supercomputer.

While we had pretty much given up on the music fest this year due to money and time constraints, little did we know that God had a plan for DMS all along. We're getting the hookup from Filter Magazine! OK, not really, but a friend who works as a part time Filter rep is getting DMS the Hook. Up. Hell yeah.

Within minutes of the news, DMS was working on taking Friday off and getting a Toddler Supercomputer-sitter.

We haven't really even looked over the schedule that much. It feels like a "play it by ear" kind of year. The only band that I've marked off is Arcade Fire. But unfortunately, the White Stripes were supposed to halve that crowd, but have recently canceled. Apparently Meg has a tummy-ache. I'm not sure why they couldn't find someone else to crash cymbals for an hour but what's done is done.

So while the blogging may be lean this weekend, rest assured we'll have a nice long recap of the weekend's events, much like the 2006 version, but hopefully fewer drug references that were meant to be funny, but just ended up getting me in trouble with my in-laws.

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