Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Blogging Truths: #3

Dear Mr. Supercomputer turned one this past week. We were really surprised to see Marilyn Monroe show up. Truly an honor. Hopefully we'll get some more celeb Happy Blogthday messages this week. Seriously, it's totally crazy over here during our Blogthday bash. People with lampshades on their heads, wild jello-shots, and Spike Jonze. In honor of our amazing achievement of not-quitting, we've been sharing things we've learned about the blogosphere over the past year. This is the third Blogging Truth.

Blogging Truth #3: While blog post creativity peaks after a couple drinks, it plummets steeply with every drink thereafter.

Some of my favorite DMS "drinkin' posts:"

And my least favorite:

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Kendra said...

yeah. you need grad school. happy blogthday...