Friday, August 17, 2007

MP3 of the Week: "Gen XY" Edition

In addition to the fun conversation over on Aqui, Ahora, DMS has had two other conversations this week about "our" generation. Not necessarily giving it a moniker (and if anyone comes up with something better than "the MTV Generation" in the comments, I'll use it for the rest of my life, though "XY" is growing on me), but just discussing trends that were cool in the early 90's, after Seattle grunge, but before the explosion of the Internets.

Also we discussed how bands that were once so relevant to us are still putting out albums, but are so irrelevant, we crack jokes about them. I'm talking about Collective Soul, Live, and Pearl Jam, and to a lesser extent, Weezer, among others. I mean, these bands defined us for so long. I bet you can still sing "December," "Lightning Crashes," and "Jeremy" word for word. Now? Weezer put out "Beverly Hills" and the last I heard of Collective Soul was 2005's unlistenable, schmaltz-fest, "How Do You Love?"

In a broader, life-long sense, it seems that our brains are just like our bodies. It seems like most artists (music and other), most academics, most advocates peak in their mid-to-late 20's just like most athletes. The difference is, athlete's bodies and competition force them to retire. Academics and advocates have babies and need to earn a living. But music artists can continue to churn out recycled crap that can be thrown up on 96.7 for the next generation.


With that editorial out of the way, music is probably more enjoyable than ever before and more accessable than ever before, even if the major record labels are becoming unprofitable.

Bands like Bishop Allen have exposure they never would have had in yesterday's music industry.

Here's a live intimate version of "Butterfly Nets."

Bishop Allen - "Butterfly Nets"

(Update: I'm drinking my beer tonight and realizing that the logo on my beer looks a lot like the mediocre album I pasted earlier.

Funny. I find the similarity between Live's Birds of Prey and Tecate Light beer actually quite apropos.)


sk said...

Saw DMS poster child Sufjan Stevens on Austin City Limits last weekend.

Color me unimpressed - except for the psychadelic butterfly wings the whole band wore....

gk said...

The problem with that show is that they only gave Sufjan a half hour. In Sufjan-land, that's a whopping 4 songs, or about a 5th of the length of a single album of his.