Thursday, July 05, 2007

What I Would Be Up Against

Dear Mr. Supercomputer has considered going to graduate school for a few months now. We've always held Statistics in high regard and surely a Masters in Statistics would transverse (is that the word I want?) several areas of DMS interest: education, environmental issues, politics, public health, sports, etc.. So we started looking at graduate schools in Colorado, because A) Mrs. Supercomputer has longed to live there, B) I coaxed her in to moving to Austin to begin with, and C) we have friends there. Oh, and it's not like a thousand degrees all Summer long. Instead, you have to put on sixteen layers of clothes just to shovel your driveway in the Winter and urine can actually freeze in midstream.

But I digress.

The first step is to get into graduate school. Some universities like you to take the GRE subject specific tests. In my case, it would be Mathematics. So I looked at a released GRE Math test.


Let's just say that teaching Mathematics for five years has in no way enhanced my ability to do it at a high level.

But I was able to do a few of the problems while listening to music and drinking Modelo Especials cold (I was cold, not the Modelos). So that alleviated some of the concern that I would be totally out of my league.

Except, I am out of my league. I would need to study like mad to make up for the atrophy that my brain has suffered from the rigors of work and parenthood (the other day, Baby Supercomputer wanted me to have her animals talk to each other. Try to feel smart doing that.).

Of course there is a GRE Math test prep book written by the Princeton Review. So I checked out some of the reader comments on Below are a few select comments with commenter IDs included.
  • By Sun Fei "Math-man": " I think the book is good, hoever, I do not finish reading it, that's why I did not rate it "5"."
  • By Gong Jian: "It gives me a big help."
  • By CHEN Min "Andreas Chen": "It tells me to which extend I need to prepare for each section. GRE Sub test doesn't like a test we might have in college. It covers a wide variety of knoweldges but with little depth. So we must be very careful with how much effort we put into each section. If you go without this kind of guidance, this would be a big problem....Finally an advise for non-english test takers: this is a vital book for us to get familiar with english vocabularies related to math, so don't miss it."
Yeah, that's my competition. There's a lot to unpack from this information so I'll just leave this post as is for now, but rest assured we'll be discussing everything from multivariable calculus to the apparent fact that China is taking over the higher level Maths in the U.S. University system.

That poor Caucasian kid looks pretty happy all things considered. I'm sold.

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sk said...

If you move to Colorado, don't expect any visits when I have training classes in Dallas.