Thursday, July 26, 2007

So Goes the Nation...

The presidential elections of 2000 and 2004 haunt me to this day. 2000 because George W. Bush should not have won. 2004 because the Democrats should not have lost. Not so much that the Democrats and John Kerry had the answer or anything. But in order to win, the victorious party had to carry Ohio. And the resounding question is, "how the hell did Bush carry a state like Ohio?"

We were in an unpopular war.

George Bush had an approval rating of below 50%.

The Ohio economy had tanked in the past four years.

It's remarkable really. The political documentary So Goes the Nation... specifically focuses on the presidential election of 2004. Even more specifically it focuses on the brutal groundwar in Ohio between the two parties.

The big difference between the campaigns was this: Republicans focused on getting Republicans to vote. Democrats tried to persuade swing voters. Oh, and Republicans got a ban against gay marriage on the ballot.

Fucking assholes.

Sorry for that. I'll try to refrain from NSFW language.

But cite flaws in John Kerry all you want. Cherish Bush all you want. But the Republicans planted the idea that if Republicans didn't get out and vote for an amendment banning gay marriage, there would be hot guy-on-guy action going on all around them.

Did that swing the vote? Possibly. Possibly not.

The gay marriage amendment. Osama Bin Laden's strange appearance 72 hours before the election. "I voted for the war before I voted against it." It's hard to say how the Democrats lost Ohio but Ralph Nader is right: if the Democrats had any sense about them, they should have crush George W. Bush in a landslide in 2004.

(P.S. Some of the ads the Republicans threw up there were outrageous. Bush hugging a little girl, 'Ashley.' Wolves circling prey. We'll all die if you vote for Kerry.)

(P.P.S. One of the Bush campaign guys said that Howard Dean would have been a better candidate. Sure he's kind of a nut, but he's sure of himself. I 100% agree. No wonder the Dems lost. All the smart guys are working for the Republicans.)

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sk said...

You should like GWB - after all, he's a liberal. Balooning budget, illegal immigration, dropping the social security issue....No Child Left Behind (I mean, he worked with Ted Kennedy !!)